Wisconsin Fish Fries


The Friday Night Fish Fry is a tradition in Wisconsin. They will range from all-you-can-eat to more-than-you-can-eat and everything in between. All types of fish too, cod, walleye, haddock, blue gills, perch and more. You can get them deep fried, baked, broiled or pan fried. If you are visiting Wisconsin, a Friday Night Fish Fry is a must. If you are a Wisconsinite, try a new place for your Fish Fry. Let the restaurant know you found their Wisconsin Fish Fry at WisconsinFishFries.com!

If you have a favorite Wisconsin Fish Fry that is not yet been posted in this blog, email the information to WIFishFry. Let us know how their Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fry is, what type of fish and any other information.

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Welcome to wisconsin.com's Wisconsin Fish Fry Blog. This first post is just to let you know what is coming and what the goal is for the blog. We will be posting about the Wisconsin Fish Fry places we go, hopefully pictures (if we do not dig in too fast) of the fish fry and our comments. This is part of the wisconsin.com Website Wisconsin Fish Fry Directory pages. In the future, we will be asking for your comments of the Wisconsin Fish Fry places you go and we will add them to our blog. Stay tuned as they say!
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